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What to do about a trap-shy Greensboro house mouse

When you discover presence of a Greensboro mouse in your home, the next thing you will think of is to get a mouse trap. You may get a snap trap for the mouse and succeed in catching one of the mice only to discover that more are around and refusing to be trapped. Sometimes the left over mice can cause more discomfort, damages and irritation to you than their buddy you just killed. They will also prove to be more intelligent, smarter and always shy away from your trap. If this is already your experience, you are truly not alone. There are many people facing the same challenge.

Why You Have Trap Shy North Carolina House Mouse Around
Knowing the main cause of your problem is half getting the problem solved. To understand what to do with a trap-shy house mouse, you should think of what made the house mouse trap-shy. They are not just trap-shy without a cause something made them to be. Discovering trap-shy house mouse is always done after killing their friend or friends with your trap. House mouse usually becomes trap-shy when they smell the blood, or urine of dead friends on your trap.

Change the Location of Your Greensboro House Mouse Trap
To solve the problem you should try to change the location of your trap to know if the mouse will get tricked into your trap. Changing the bait in your trap may not give you the result you hope to get. So, instead of changing bait, you should rather change location of the trap.

Change to another Trap to Catch the Trap-Shy House Mouse
With the smell of already trapped North Carolina mouse urine, blood or fur on your trap it can be difficult to catch another mouse with the same trap. The solution is in changing to another trap that has not been used to catch rat or mouse before.

Contact the Professional Pest Exterminators
Your worries associated with dealing with trap-shy Greensboro house mouse will be over when you hire a professional pest exterminator. The licensed team will take time to draw analysis of your situation become coming up with lasting solution.

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