Ways to prevent a Greensboro 'mole attack'!

Having regular visitations from Greensboro moles aren't completely terrible as it seems. It is quite an expert in keeping the entire population of worms and insects far away from your habitation. The point of concern comes with a price of facing a series of property and garden destruction. They will end up ruining your garden through series of mole hills and might dig through the ground making tunnels which can later collapse with further human footings. Therefore, it is quite clear that moles are more of a nuisance than of benefit. This article deals with several measures and remedies one can refer to in case of a mole - attack!

1. Dig up a gravel pit
You could try digging up a grave of gravel pit to prepare a North Carolina mole challenge for digging their way through it. This is easy. Just dig up a hole around the fence of your garden and fill them with gravels. Moles are excellent diggers but their claws are incapable of crawling through these gravels. Just remember to fill these holes up for a foot atleast for better results.

2. Construction of underground fences.
Underground fences are mostly expensive and time consuming to add to your project of property protection. Especially if you have a large property it can bring up financial challenges. However, it's benefits are much more important in keeping the North Carolina moles off your garden than the these negatives. Amongst the various materials, galvanized hardware cloth fences are the most efficient ones. Keep in mind to build the fence 24 inches at least below the ground to prevent the moles from digging under it. The height should atleast be 6 inches minimum high, extending at every side of the property so that it can gaurd from all side an invasion. The fence should bend 90 degrees at the base to stop the moles to enter into your garden by climbing up the fence.

The benefits of galvanized material is that it prevents the fence from rusting and protect the fence from collapsing in the long run.

Stainless steel and aluminium sheathing are materials that are durable and strong.
If you are considering chicken wire mesh, it is an epic failure as Greensboro moles might work their way through the spaces in between.

3. Keep tempting food options away.
The North Carolina moles try to invade your properties not to steal your money or gold but to gather some food. It is not fair on their part to be tempted towards your garden for food and being killed and hunted instead. Hence, the easiest solution is to make your lawn and house unattractive to the moles. Moles drool over insects and worms which usually gather in an unmantained and unkept garden. Clean your garden and property at a regular interval to maintain it and avoid such invasions. Use pesticides to keep away insects and water your plants on a regular basis.

4. Employ a pet gaurd!
Get a dog or a cat to scare off Greensboro moles from your residence. Moles are habitually afraid and have being chased by these larger furry animals.

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